Our values form the basis of everything we do and reflect who we are – a brand started by three friends who want to make a difference and create something of lasting value together.

We take responsibility

We care about the environment and we are dedicated to doing as little harm as possible. We are constantly improving our working methods to ensure that our products are manufactured under the best possible conditions. We share our experiences – and hope they inspire others.

We offer sustainable quality

Our aim is to produce high-quality products that are sustainable and durable, made from recycled and environmentally-friendly materials.

We make products that can be repaired

We believe in uncomplicated design combined with useful modern features. We always bear our customers in mind when creating products that can be used every day in any place. We teach and encourage our customers to repair and care for their Sandqvist products to make sure they last a long time.

We share Scandinavian inspiration

We are not driven by trends and nor are we limited by the seasons of the fashion industry. Instead, we design timeless products that are both functional and stylish, inspired by Scandinavian landscapes.

We are welcoming and inclusive

We want to make people feel respected, valued and supported. Everyone should have the same opportunities to progress and make a difference.


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