Knotan x Sandqvist

In the early days of Sandqvist, Swedish photographer Knotan—a friend of co-founders Daniel, Sebastian, and Anton—played a key role in shaping the brand’s aesthetic. Through a couple of images, we asked Knotan to tell us about his love for nature and his gift for capturing raw, genuine moments: qualities that significantly contributed to the visual identity of Sandqvist.

“When I started shooting for Sandqvist, I was a driving force in our creative collaboration. It was all about Sandqvist for me. I threw myself into it, so keen that the brand would be a success. I’d often capture images for Sandqvist while on my own travels. Initially, we didn’t showcase many products—it was almost all about nature. ”

“I share a passion for fishing with Daniel, Sebastian, and Anton. We’ve spent an incredible amount of time together on fishing trips. For a while, we’d go fishing once a month during spring and summer. What I love about fishing is that it’s like a hunt; it’s challenging. Sometimes you come home feeling utterly disappointed. Other times, you return bursting with pure joy and excitement. ”


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