Volvo x Sandqvist

Photography: Knotan | Film: Elias Carlsson | Words: Sebastian Westin

Two years ago we decided to paddle the unexplored upper part of the Valmen River in Härjedalen, Sweden. The exploration quickly turned into disaster with almost no paddling, yet more dragging, lifting and carrying the canoes as it turned out the river was impossible to paddle. We had been warned by the “wise old men” in the village that we were mad and would be lucky to come back alive.

So after two years of licking our wounds and rebuilding our lost pride we decided to head out again. This time, going to the part of Valmen that we had been unable to paddle through last time, we were given the perfect occasion to field test some new bags that were in the making. So once more, we packed our canoes with food, fishing gear, tents, cameras and a happy camper spirit, and set off into the wilderness.

On this journey, we brought our new gear from our collaboration with Volvo. Functional, durable bags with a minimal design that speaks for itself. It's the result of the work between two design studios in two very different companies, but still with a striking resemblance in their sources of inspiration - the vast depopulated areas of the Nordic landscape. Shop the collection online, at Volvo's showrooms or at selected dealers around the world.


Available online and in selected Volvo stores worldwide.