Words by: Sebastian Westin | Photography: Knotan

Finding a good fishing spot on a map is hard, but it is still an enticing thought. You spot a winding stream, surrounded by forest and mountains. There are no roads for miles, just trees, mountains and ponds. Trying to get there is a fantastic feeling, figuring out the fastest routes, and then seeing if it’s even possible to hike there from the parking lot. How far do we have to walk, how much food do we need to bring, and how many days can we stay? Maybe there won’t be any fish at all, or may-be they will be skittish and impossible to catch? Those were the questions that I, Daniel Sandqvist, Rikard Nilsson and photographer Knotan contemplated before this trip. We didn’t have any point of reference or preconceived notions. Just an idea and a dream of new water somewhere in the wilderness.