The location hunt

Kyrksjön (The Church Lake) is located in the municipality of Botkyrka, just south of Stockholm. The lake had been drained for nearly a century when Swedish non-profit organization Sportfiskarna, together with the land owners and municipality of Botkyrka, decided to restore the area. The incentive was to improve odds for Baltic Sea pike to reproduce, by creating a protected space for pike spawning, and where fry could hatch and grow. In 2014 the restoration of Kyrksjön was complete, resulting in over 30 hectares of wetland that now is home to a wide variety of birds, insects and of course, pike.
When Sandqvist Art Director and photographer Sarah was looking for locations to shot the AW17 collection, she stumbled upon an article about the newly restored lake in Botkyrka. Intrigued by this previously drained reservoir turned pike factory, Sarah visited the area. She loved walking around the lake, in the forest, wetland and fields surrounding it.Just a few weeks later, she returned with a team of six, and a whole bunch of Sandqvist AW17 bags to shoot.

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