Repair Shop

Photos: Sarah Lönn | Tailor: Amir Mashouf

Sandqvist Repair Shop is the in-house repair service of Sandqvist available at our flagship store on Swedenborgsgatan 3, Södermalm, Stockholm. The Sandqvist Repair Shop service includes the sales of second hand products as well as redesigned old bags.

At the Sandqvist’s store on Swedenborgsgatan 3, Amir, our in-house tailor, repairs bags for customers as well as redesigns used bags for second hand sales. Bags beyond repair will be taken apart and used for spare parts, or in the making of redesigned bags.

Commonly used spare parts and repairs of worn out Sandqvist products are available at a reasonable cost through all the Sandqvist stores. You can choose to have your old and used Sandqvist bag repaired for a new life, or hand it in for second hand sales and receive a voucher with a 20% discount to be used at the next purchase.

Come by the store at Swedenborgsgatan 3 when you're in town, say Hi to Amir, and get yourself a unique Sandqvist product.