Noonie Bao

Singer & songwriter


“I had no idea what a publishing deal meant when I signed one at age 18. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to write songs. I started writing music when I was still in school as a way to escape. Mostly I sat out in the hall and wrote songs, that’s where I felt I could be me and create the world I wanted to live in. It was comfort, therapy and something so incredibly fun at the same time. A friend in high school started calling me Noonie and it stuck. I go by that now. I love contrasts too, if I write music for myself I like being at home by the piano or in a house close to the sea in Skåne. I shut off everything else and do not really see anybody. But eventually I get bored with myself and head for Los Angeles and work with new people everyday. Like I said, I love contrasts.”