Nattskiftet x Sandqvist

Nattskiftet (“The Nightshift” directly translated from Swedish) is a volunteer based, non-profit organization that works for everyone’s right to feel safe at night, against violence and sexual assault. The organization was founded in 2014 and has since “taken the night shift” during every open weekend at Stockholm’s largest nightclub Trädgården, the Bråvalla and Popaganda festivals and a number other public events in Sweden. Their work is important and we are very proud to present our collaboration with and support of these new Friends of Sandqvist.

Nattskiftet’s operative work is executed by the organization’s trained volunteers, so called Nattkompisar (“Night pals”). By promoting moral courage and simply just being there, these 300+ people have also been able to bring Nattskiftet’s vision beyond their volunteer work, and into their personal lives. Taking the night shift means patrolling the venues and areas around them, walking visitors home, stepping in during an incident or violent situation, listening, talking, comforting and helping out when needed.

Primarily Nattskiftet is an organization created and run by young adults, working with and for other young adults. They don't condemn and they don’t judge. They are a fellow citizen and friend, trying to improve nightlife for themselves and everyone else by creating a safer and more enjoyable atmosphere.

Apart from their operative work, Nattskiftet work towards effecting the public opinion on a wider scale by normalizing moral courage within the society as a whole. They discuss safety, responsibility and moral courage in media, join and organize panel discussions and offer educational courses to companies, organizations and private persons. Most recently, Nattskiftet together with Taxi Stockholm and artist/Friend of Sandqvist Silvana Imam launched a call-to-action aimed at creating a safer festival environment in Sweden. The project which is called Trygghetslistan (“The Safety List”) gives visitors the opportunity to raise their voice on the matter. Read more about Trygghetslistan [here].

Sandqvist has donated 50 custom made Nattskiftet backpacks to the organization, where their volunteers can carry all the supplies they need when walking the streets at night. If you want to support Nattskiftet, send your contribution by Swish to number 123 550 36 69 or to Bankgiro number 597-8804.

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