You’ve seen our stores and our adventures in Nordic landscapes and elsewhere. Now it’s time to step into our Stockholm headquarters and get to know the office! Based in Hornstull, this is where our design, production, sales, management, finance, web and marketing departments come together to shape Sandqvist with their expertise. Welcome to our home!
What better welcome to an office than a lounge and a showroom?
A mix of exciting future projects and the opportunity to relax with a cup of very strong coffee is, to us, a great way to introduce ourselves.

The lounge is only a few steps away from the kitchen, where lunch breaks filled with TV show recommendations, vacation anecdotes, and lunch box jealousy take place daily. This is also where the most sacred Sandqvist tradition, the Wednesday Fika (sweet afternoon snack and coffee), occurs every single week.
Fueled by food and coffee, great work happens across the office in the varying departments where bags, strategies, events and daily routines take shape. Evidence of our Nordic inspiration and history can be found everywhere, together with global influences, sample bags, and house plants in varying stages of growth (or, we admit, decay). We truly intermingle in the creation of products we feel have the potential to elevate and simplify daily life.
In any office, a break is sometimes needed, wanted, and/or deserved. At Sandqvist, our breaks involve fierce ping-pong tournaments, nostalgic “Vinyl Friday” record sessions or simply a “coffee and Instagram” pause on any of our couches and armchairs. Refreshed, we return to work on producing high-quality, long-lasting, great-looking, sustainable products.

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