Friends of Sandqvist: Malin Gabriella

“I always work periodically. When I’m in a creative flow it’s like a force takes over. It gets really intense and very productive. And when I’m not in the flow, I don’t get much physical work done. For me, it’s all about feeling and I don’t want to force things. It can be very frustrating being in-between these productive phases. But the in-between phases, however, are also very important to me and a pivotal part of the process. It’s during these that I push my boundaries and things are being processed and shaped in my mind. I can almost feel how it fizzles within me but I’m unable to release it until it’s fully ready. Until then it’s just a vague notion of colors and shapes."
My creative process is like a conversation, I will make something will evoke a reaction in the material and I will have to respond and adapt accordingly. It’s about giving and taking, one thing leads to another, just like in a conversation between two people. It’s an honest and direct process, if I make something unexpected, a ‘mistake’, I adjust to it instead of removing it. When the work is done it’s familiar and foreign at the same time, like a distant relative I have never met before. My pieces form a grand family tree, adding cousins and siblings I’ve been unaware of, and the tree keeps growing."