Friend of Sandqvist:
Friend of Sandqvist:


After 8 years collaborating with local artists, making beats and recording people in his bedroom studio, last spring Gothenburg producer and Yaki-Da co-captain Aron McFaul released his first solo EP ”Pallas Garden”. Aron is now nominated for the GAFFA music award ”Swedish Dance of the year” and everyone who’s ever listened to his winningly light hearted compositions are impatiently waiting for the next drop.

On the side of his actual career, and of course more importantly, Aron is also a Sandqvist cover boy, house DJ and friend. We met up in a velvet couch on Södermalm in Stockholm to talk about what he loves the most.
“I’ve got a wide palette of references and styles that I move across without thinking. Music is music and nothing else but feelings and thoughts put in sound. Music for me is very straight forward, it can only be good or bad. There are no genres. What it all comes down to is just that - good or bad.”
Aron’s second EP “Animal Garden School” will be released in January, followed by his first full length
album release later in 2017.
“I try to put my brain aside when I work and only use my ears. I don’t want to overthink stuff and start to sweat and hyperventilate when people talk about tuning a kick drum for 8 hours or working on a project for 4 years.”