Artist Alexandra Karpilovski is born in Kiev and holds a bachelor from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Currently based in Stockholm, she works mainly within the realm of performance and installation, with a focus on the stage and the cultural conditioning it involves. Being huge fans of Alexandra and her work, we’re more than excited about her coming exhibition at the Department festival in the Stockholm Meatpacking District, opening its doors for the first time this Saturday.

Buy your tickets here or at the door on Saturday.
“I work intuitively and use myself in my work. I play with the notion of the stage, a quest for showcasing and questioning hierarchical systems, for connection and the melancholia that can surround our shared current state, pointing the direction from my own current position my intention is to put light on the isolation that can be experienced without a clear overlook. This ranges from drawings, paintings, installations, video, poetry and dance-text-based performances in collaboration with other sound artists.“
A lot of Alexandras time is spent in the studio that she shares with Duda Bebek, Tommy Sveningsson and another Friend of Sandqvist, Malin Gabriella Nordin. Together they are Atlasgruppen, named after the Atlas area in Stockholm where the studio is located. We stopped by their beautiful space a sunny afternoon for a chat about Alexandra’s participation at Department, her artistry and a peek at some of Alexandra’s beautiful work.
“I see my work as a world to enter into, with its own rules and structures, a space narrowed down to a centered scene filled with information, a social area, a place for everyone’s own reflections and parallels, a scene in which the roles of who is what shifts and moves depending on who rises up and in. A place for contemplation and relaxation, erased borders and permanent vacation.“

Exhibitions right now and in the nearest future:

'He fell through so we came looking for you' Group show at Gallery Steinsland Berliner 26th May - 22 june, go see it if you are in Stockholm!

PLX TJÄRÖ, organising a festival in Blekinge as a last hit of summer - the escape we all need to revitalise our souls, join them! --->

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