Styling: Robert Nordberg | Hair and make: Martin Sundqvist | Photography: Sarah Lönn

“When starting to work with the new season, we decided to go all in on materials. We really wanted to push ourselves in terms of design, fabrics and functionality. I’d definitely say that this is the strongest collection we’ve ever made.”

Sebastian Westin, Sandqvist Brand Manager an Co-Founder


Our Leather Classics are all made of very high quality full grain aniline dyed vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tannins give the leather a full hand and if you take good care of them, these bags, purses and wallets will age and become even more beautiful over the years.

The leather classic news

  • Dag - Black
    Dag - BlackBriefcase
    475.00 USD
  • Elina - Black
    Elina - BlackBackpack
    339.00 USD
  • Eva - Black
    Eva - BlackShoulder Bag
    Sold out 350.00 USD
  • Ika - Black
    Ika - BlackWallet
    Sold out 105.00 USD
  • Ika - Cognac Brown
    Ika - Cognac BrownWallet
    105.00 USD
  • Luna - Black
    Luna - BlackShoulder Bag
    Sold out 185.00 USD


Our brand new series with extra functionality and attitude. It´s made in Cordura® EcoMade ripstop and highly durable 1680 ballistic polyester. The combination of the two materials creates a beautiful structure and an updated look.

The aerial news

  • Zack - Black
    Zack - BlackWeekend Bag
    Sold out 215.00 USD


The Ground series is minimalistic yet functional. The bags have a classic design and are made in a durable organic cotton. With tone in tone YKK® nylon zippers and leather details in top grain aniline dyed vegetable re-tanned leather and recycled webbing.

The Ground news

  • Cleo - Grey
    Cleo - GreyWash Bag
    49.00 USD
  • Cleo - Olive
    Cleo - Olive Wash Bag
    60.00 USD
  • Tony - Black
    Tony - Black Backpack
    125.00 USD
  • Tony - Blue
    Tony - Blue Backpack
    125.00 USD
  • Tony - Olive
    Tony - Olive Backpack
    125.00 USD
  • Tony - Yellow
    Tony - Yellow Backpack
    125.00 USD
  • Ture S - Black
    Ture S - Black Zip Pouch
    10.00 USD
  • Ture S - Blue
    Ture S - Blue Zip Pouch
    10.00 USD
  • Ture S - Olive
    Ture S - Olive Zip Pouch
    10.00 USD
  • Ture S - Yellow
    Ture S - Yellow Zip Pouch
    10.00 USD


This is where we make our experimental designs, where we try new things for coming collections. Technical - Elaborative - New.


    Beautiful contemporary fashion bags with a clear Scandinavian heritage. This is affordable luxury at its best. Top quality materials such as goat suede, lamb nappa leather and YKK® excella zippers.

    The Icon news

    • Doris - Black
      Doris - BlackBackpack
      400.00 USD
    • Marja - Black
      Marja - BlackShoulder Bag
      325.00 USD
    • Sarah - Black
      Sarah - BlackBum Bag
      250.00 USD


    The Grand Canvas series is a well-defined mix of heavy 18 oz organic cotton canvas and semi-aniline dyed vegetable re-tanned leather. This is one of our most popular series, casual yet sophisticated. Stig is one of our most iconic products of all time. A true Sandqvist original. Stig is made of higly durable 18 oz organic cotton canvas with details in vegetable re-tanned leather.

    The Grand Canvas & Stig news

    • ALFONS - Beluga
      ALFONS - BelugaBackpack
      Sold out 209.00 USD
    • Stig - Forest Green
      Stig - Forest GreenBackpack
      170.00 USD
    • Stig Large - Blue
      Stig Large - BlueBackpack
      190.00 USD
    • Stig Mini - Blue
      Stig Mini - BlueBackpack
      95.00 USD
    • Stig Mini - Plum
      Stig Mini - PlumBackpack
      Sold out 95.00 USD


    This is one of our newer series with unexpected functionality and details. It’s light, durable and water resistant, made from a highly durable nylon twill Cordura® and heavy 1680 denier ballistic polyester. Excella zippers from YKK® and recycled polyester webbing in contrasting bright colours.

    The Keos news

    • Ella - Black
      Ella - BlackShoulder Bag
      80.00 USD
    • Ella - Willow Green
      Ella - Willow GreenShoulder Bag
      80.00 USD
    • Maja - Black
      Maja - BlackWeekend Bag
      170.00 USD
    • Maja - Willow Green
      Maja - Willow GreenWeekend Bag
      170.00 USD
    • Tora - Black
      Tora - BlackBackpack
      149.00 USD
    • Tora - Willow Green
      Tora - Willow GreenBackpack
      149.00 USD
    • Uno - Black
      Uno - BlackBackpack
      170.00 USD
    • Uno - Willow Green
      Uno - Willow GreenBackpack
      170.00 USD

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